Challenge #1 I’m Getting Damn Corrupted!
1. Damnation Difficulty
2. No Time Limit
3. Challenge is for two weeks. Starting from Jan 9th 2023 at 0000 AM EST to Jan 31st 2023 2359 EST
4. Trainz must be the judge and at the stream. Please DM me on discord so I can watch stream.
5. One team member must stream/share screen on discord
7. No Wounds
8. Any map
9. Must have a completion of mission 2/2 Grimoires
10. Screenshot ending
11. You can only complete this challenge once.
12. No Low Intensity Conditions
13. Only Members in this discord are qualified.
14. Trainz is allow to help to do the challenge.
Each team member will receive 10$ XBOX gift card.
EU players will get Canadian Amazon gift card as getting Xbox gift card in EU is difficult for me as a Canadian.

Congratulations to Ogden Welm, Rayvan385, Rury, Sarinna, Ronezor, DylandaVillan, Kronic, king pyro and Karsk for beating Challenge #1.


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